Siglo Tonewoods

Reforesting Hawai'i’s koa for future generations.

“We’re researching the best ways to sustainably produce trees, forests and koa wood for generations to come. Our focus on new planting and forest recovery is good for land stewardship, and the community.”

Fast Facts

7,200 Acres

In forest recovery projects

1,600 Trees

Orchard for wilt-resistant koa seed

113,000 Trees

State-approved koa reforestation project

25 Koa Trees

Planted for each tree harvested

A Model for Commercial Native Forest Management

At Siglo, we’re not just planting koa trees—we’re building a
demonstration forest; a forest based on the best available science and tree growing techniques. We have invested heavily in research to further our understanding of how to grow native forest species. Focussing on koa in a commercial context, we're also planning for climate change resiliency through disease resistant cultivars. One day, we hope that Siglo will be a model for other stewards and land managers to consider koa forestry as part of their land management strategy.



Tavana, musician and songwriter from Hawai'i, plays a koa guitar built by Taylor Guitars.